Top 50 Kpop Songs Chart February of 2019 (Week 4)

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Top 50 Kpop Songs of the week February 2019 (Week 4)

How to vote

♥—- Poll Vote every day for your songs (It’s necessary to leave your youtube username):

♥—- Comment below: Number your top 20 or less (mínimum 3 songs)
♥ It’s based on fans. In case it don’t receive enough votes, Admin will choose the order.

Admin will vote and also, she will choose among songs with the same points

Admin reserves the right to refuse admission of B-side tracks and without MV.

– B-side tracks and those songs that reach number one 4 times will have a penalty and won’t be in poll

– Songs receive extra point based on the weeks on chart

♥ You can vote for OST, Non-korean songs from Korean Artist and songs without MVs.

♥ Songs just stay on chart: 12 weeks.

♥ Songs just stay on number 1: 4 weeks.

♥ New songs are not older than 6 weeks

♥ Songs with less than 6 weeks can re-entry 1 time (It has 2 weeks to return on chart)

In the Chart:
Wake up TST
Señorita (g)i-dle
Slow dance Park Yoo Chun
Leggo Wanna.b
Allure Hyomin
Enough SF9
Butterfly Loona

Faker Lukus
Twit Hwasa
Wifi Saturday
Alligator Monsta X
It’s been a while Loco ft. Zion.t
Tonight (With Melody) Huta
Remember 9muses
Dalla Dalla ITZY
Want Taemin
Piri Dreamcatcher
Clock Infinite
Hala Hala ATEEZ
Walking Vixx
We must love ONF
2cm Minseo ft Paul Kim
Tic Toc Neonpunch
I wanna know Roh Taehyun
Ya Huta (Minhyuk)
Ring Ring Ring VeriVery
Home Seventeen
Say my Name ATEEZ
U Um U Um Hyomin
Hikikomori Bang Yongguk
Q&A Cherry Bullet
All night Astro
I’m OK iKon
Loca Favorite
% % (Eung Eung) Apink
Valkyrie Oneus
La la love WJSN
Bad habits Shaun
Lonely night KNK
Milkshake Flavor
Rooftop N.flying
Gotta Go Chungha
Truth TVXQ!
The best thing I ever did Twice
Millions Winner
Getting closer Seventeen
Love shot EXO
Thanks u soooo much Yubin

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