KPOP STAR HUNT 3 Entry (Edwin Grinaldi – Indonesia)

Annyeonghaseyo ! I’m Edwin from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m 22. I’m a very enthusiastic person when it comes to my hobby and passion. I really want to live my dream as a performer, and to be known for my talent. Being a humble, passionate and hardworking person is all I am 🙂

I sing, I rap, I dance.

INFINITE, Bangtan Boys, Jay Park. They are my dance inspirations.
Big Bang, Epik High, Untouchable. I look up to them as rapping seniors of K-Pop.
Se7en, Huh Gak, Ajoo. They’re amazing vocal solos.

My ultimate passion is to have a career in performing. I have been singing, dancing, and rapping for years. I made a promise to myself to never stop practicing and keep learning.
So best of luck to me, hoping for the spot ! FIGHTING ! 🙂


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