KPOP Public Random Dance Play in Melbourne Australia

Instagram: @springvelvet

So this is a random dance play challenge I held a couple of weeks back along with my public dance cover (that I will upload soon). I want to thank those again who came to support me!! I had so much fun dancing and I hope you guys did too! And stick around ’til the end to see an impromptu ‘hit you with that DDU-DU-DDU-DU’ cover 😉

Tina (VIVE Dance Crew) – ig: @tina_danxe
Georgia (VIVE Dance Crew) – ig: @georgiamrvl
Kirsten (VIVE Dance Crew) – ig: @haanhyi
Amy (VIVE Dance Crew) – ig: @lilxch3nnie
Rome – ig: @rxme.covers
Victoria – ig: stcrryvic
Tara – ig: @moon.tokkii
Dalena – ig: @lee_dlina_03

Honourable mentions:
Martin – ig: @martin.hang_

Filmed & Edited by: Rin – ig:@tachurin


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