[KPOP IN PUBLIC] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이) | W4LK Crew Cover [From SPAIN] (One Shot ver.)

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/w.4.l.k_crew/
Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/W4LK_Crew

Today we bring you back to a soloist, and this time interpreted by our new member! Give a lot of love to both cover and her uwu
In addition, we have a collaboration again, and this time with Fabi! Hoped you enjoyed the cover.

Papostia as Hwasa https://www.instagram.com/papostia7u7/
Mo.ony as Backup Dancer https://www.instagram.com/sumitodeluna/
Fabi as Backup Dancer https://www.instagram.com/f.fabiolous/
Light as Backup Dancer https://www.instagram.com/tedesofficial/
Hannah as Backup Dancer https://www.instagram.com/h.atthedisco/
Tony as Backup Dancer https://www.instagram.com/black__star.17/
•Makeup Artist
•Filmed by https://www.instagram.com/mnghnz/

#KPOPINPUBLIC #Hwasa #화사 #twit


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