kpop album/photocard haul #9! loona and red velvet + rare merchandise, star1 magazine

hello everyone!!! thank you for tuning in to my reuploaded haul video. i was really unhappy with the first post of this, plus i’d forgotten to include the tickets and postcards in my previous few hauls, so i decided to refilm! some of these items were lowkey expensive to me so i’m broke now; i didn’t even think i would be able to get rbb so i’m grateful to have everything. # cookie jar was an early christmas present from my mum! but i bought everything else myself. i hope you enjoyed!
also i am sorry for the horrific lighting
+ fun fact whilst i was editing i got some unintentional asmr from all the crinkles LOL

rbb unboxing:

items shown:
red velvet bad boy era postcards, star1 magazine
grapemusiccd (ebay)

jinsoul photo
jhbrowneyes (ebay)

# cookie jar limited, rbb
amazon prime

loona special tickets, olivia hye polaroid, choerry pcs
ebay (various, one item stock only)

olivia hye pcs, choerry orbit 1.0 postcard
instagram (various, one item stock only)

kpop insta:
spotify: @jinsoulsus
apple music: @daisypatten


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