BTS – No More Dream Dance Practice/We Are BulletProof pt. 2 & Dance Reaction

No More Dream Dance Practice – 0:58
We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 – 6:28
We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 Dance Practice – 13:55

I pause and rewind a bit, AND talk a lot of NOTHING in this one so SORRY. Brain is all over tonight! I CAN’T form sentences for some reason. ALSO too lazy to edit so i’m taking you all down with me. I also tried my best to pay attention to ALL the things, but it’s so difficult. GO EASY.

THIS actually might be one of my favorite BTS songs so far… Wow.

TOO much to even try and watch back so hopefully I don’t say or do anything stupid. LOL… I’m WAY TOO LAZY TO EDIT SO I’M TAKING YOU ALL DOWN WITH ME.

I really am enjoying BTS SO much. I’m VERY glad that I decided to start from the beginning… It’s so incredible to see where they started after getting a taste of who they are now. I really wish more people would give their earlier works a try, because I couldn’t have made a better choice listening to you guys and checking it out!

It’s so cool to see how the boys sounded, danced and the energy they carry this far back. It’s completely different from what I’ve personally seen so far, (which isn’t much, but here we are).

Army are so wonderful that it’s unbelievable… Thank you so much for checking the videos I do out, I’m so happy to have started doing this! THOUGH it’s been very busy… I’m trying my best to get more out! Thank you so much!

If you’re at all interested in all the BTS videos I’ve reacted to (So Far), here’s a playlist.

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No More Dream Dance –

We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 MV –

We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 Dance Practice –

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